Fairer E-Commerce for Everyone.

E-commerce is dominated by a few big players worth billions. With the power of the ownership economy, Shopla gives this value back to those who actually create it.

One-Click Shop

At its heart, Shopla is an e-commerce platform. Similar to Shopify, anyone can create a shop and start selling online within minutes.

Built for Speed

Built from the ground up, the Shopla platform uses the latest tech for an edge in speed and usability .

Shopla Token

Holding Shopla Tokens will give fee reductions to shop owners and voting rights in the DAO. Regular token buybacks create positive price pressure.

Re-aligning Incentives

Common ownership of the platform incentivizes shops to work together and create a shared platform, similar to Amazon.


October 2020

Start of development. First prototype of the platform.

March 2021

Completion of the modular frontend-framework.

May 2021

Testing with pilot customers. Litepaper, tokenomics and token sale announcement.

September 2021

Deploying first live shops. Start of token sale.

Q3 2021

Self-serve platform goes live. Creation of the Shopla DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) with early adopters.

H1 2022

Aggregated platform, where shops can choose to list their products. Details are decided by the DAO.

Shopla mission statement


Shops can lower their costs and profit directly from the success of the platform, while having a say in its development.
Customers can enjoy lower prices and make a statement by supporting a fair shopping platform.
Token holders can profit from increasing value of the Shopla token.